Massive VPS Upgrade

We have just upgraded our VPS node with Ryzen 7 5800Xs and new DDR4 Ram! With this upgrade, your VPSs will run faster, better, and overall performance will be at a higher level. Oh, and we haven't changed our pricing! So you can get one of these amazing VPs on amazing hardware at our low prices. We are now offering quarterly (every three ... Read More »

11th Nov 2021
Game Server Removal // VPS News

As of November 07, 2021, Agent Squad Productions will no longer be proving game servers. After internal discussion and reviewing the numbers, it seems that game server hosting is not a viable service for us to provide. We can see that VPS Hosting is a much more practical and wanted service. So to save us money, resources, and time we have closed ... Read More »

7th Nov 2021
VPS Server Hosting | Now Available |

As of today, May 20th 2021, we here at ASP now offer Virtual Private Servers, aka VPSs.   After much consideration, hard work, planning, and much more the ASP Team is ready to release VPS Hosting to the public. We have worked long and hard to get everything set up as best as possible for everyone. The Team made sure that all of our systems are ... Read More »

20th May 2021
Insurgency: Sandstorm Hosting

That is right; as of today ASP now offers you Insurgency: Sandstorm dedicated server hosting. After research, testing, and development we have added in Sandstorm dedicated servers.   Pricing: - Rifleman: 6.89 - Advisor: 13.95 - Observer: 19.87 - Commander: 26.99 Specs: - Rifleman:      - RAM: 4GB     - CPU: 200%     - Disk ... Read More »

15th Apr 2021
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